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DCM Capital Sentiment iPhone App is Now Live

Several weeks ago, we wrote about the way you can easily be a trading expert. Today we go even forward, you can actually be mobile trading expert by simply downloading the new DCM Capital Sentiment App for iPhone. The DCM Capital Sentiment Monitor gives you a real time insight into the current global sentiment of the ten instruments in the app. More instruments (actually 7,000) will be available very soon online, on the site dcmcap.com.

But please beware that to understand what the sentiment really means the most important things is to follow yourself the market, do not just start investing without a real strategy following the app trends. This is not the way you will ever do money, actually it’s quite sure you will lose the money you have invested. In fact this app is still giving information about the sentiment, which can be understood as a trend that the market thinks of being real, but it’s not, it’s a trend. The best would be to keep working really connected to one or more financial advisors, monitor the sentiment with the app and make a fake investment just to see if it could be possible to use it as real professional tool.

I would be interested to listen to the opinion of a professional trading expert. Do they trust this kind of tool? Leave your comment here.


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