Multipeer connectivity: cheap way to connect the missing 4B people?



Multipeer connectivity is a technology added to iOS7 by Apple at the end of 2013. People are discovering it now, with products that start using it to connect devices not yet connected. It’s simple as p2p should be: a device connects to the other devices via wifi or bluetooth. Nothing new actually. The idea is that with so many cel phones around the globe, the wireless mesh networks are potentially huge. It’s just a matter of connecting them. One all these devices are actually connected one to each other, you just need one of them to make the link to the internet. This solves many issues and makes the connection to the internet easier and cheaper.

Do you understand what does it mean?

See the example of FireChat, a p2p mobile chat app. You can chat with people around your location, even if there is no Internet connection or mobile phone coverage. Cool right? Airdrop works in the same way.

Think about remote location, where the Internet is expensive or the Internet has been closed by a dictatorial government. I totally agree with Mike Elgan when he’s saying that Multipeer connectivity will change the way we connect to remote location. Get excited about it it’s not enough, this if f****ing GREAT!


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