a new resolution for 2013

calvin hobbes new years resolutions

I would love to make a new resolution for 2013, but I know already that it would be probably too difficult to keep it during the year. Come on, who does remember the previous resolutions? I don’t, likely because I haven’t done any!

But I would like to start writing about all the startups I’m discovering these days. There are a lot actually and really interesting ones. Sometimes you would ask yourself if it was really a good idea, but let’s see their problem and how they solve it, than we can decide if it’s really useful of just another useless product.


If This Than That is an interesting tool to set up and create automated action connecting your social networks and profiles, or whatever needs to be connected from your point of view. Change all your profile pictures at once. Get a sms as soon a new free ebook is posted on Amazon. Archive your facebook’s status updates on Evernote. And many more. If you do not know which rules would be useful for you, just surf the library, there are thousands of them online.

Useful? yes.

Will I use it? Probably, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to keep using it during all my digital life.


It’s a browser based call center platform using Twilio Cloud Communications API. It create in less than 5 minutes a call center for small and medium businesses. It’s an interesting product thinking to Brazil where the consumer law is strict on this point and make many obligations.

Useful? yes.

Will I use it? Personally I do not need it yet, but it would be as soon as I need a call center for my ecommerce.


This is a service for publishers of mobile apps (IOS, android, blackberry). It makes possible to simply understand the users of the app, profiling them and send targeted messages. It’s a new and simple way to improve the ROI of apps. Publishers can sell as a new ad the push notifications sent to their database, brands can improve their knowledge of their customers and send personalized offers.

Useful? Yes.

Will I use it? I would if I had an app to monetize.


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