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Greece is in crisis, and crisis helps entrepreneurs find the best solutions to the right problems.

This is what I would like to say about my two days in Athens, Greece.
I met a number of entrepreneurs: great visionars and really friendly. I’ll work with lot of them. And I’m happy. It’s really a great opportunity!
First based in Greece, they are now moving to San Francisco, US. It’s a mandatory move for a premium technology that will be the next marketing tool for mobile. I’ll work with them in Brazil, helping them doing their business there. Such a great opportunity for them, I believe the Brazilian mobile market is ready for the next steps, far behind other countries, and it what it will make the difference!

Taxi Beat
It’s a great and simple marketplace helping people finding the taxi around them. It’s nothing new, I do agree with it. But it has a great UX, which is the most important thing in this kind of business. The Brazilian market has been setup last year, so we’ll not work on this, but perhaps on other South American markets?! I need to discuss with them, for sure I would love being in touch and doing business with this team somewhere else in South America.

It’s a concept of Mobile Film Festival. Simple and effective there idea is to get people be creative, participate to the festival by sending their short movies. It works really well in Greece and in several other countries. I could find two similar concept in Brasil, Bahia and Rio, but there are so many other opportunities and you can really imagine that we will make it happens.
Betting with virtual currency on real football games. I guess that I do not have to say anything about this product. In Brazil football is a religion and with the two world events coming in the next up years, there will be a real great chance to make a great deal with this kind of game online, Facebook and mobile.
This is a real startup. It’s an airbnb for things or an ebay for renting. The team is great and this is the most important thing. They will find out a way to work their business model in the right way and get the business up and running. I’m sure of it, 100%. Give them 3 months not more! Brasil may be a potential market, we should adapt the business model for the local reality, perhaps working on premium products only, targeting invitation only or something like this. To be defined, it’s a startup!


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