10 tips to make over one million dollar online? (Part 1)


You certainly have seen this kind of announcement somewhere online. Posts like this one, or this one.  There were even more spammers around the net, before Google and after Facebook cut their media space to this people. Hopefully today we have got just the last opportunities that could really help someone to earn a little bit more than what you are getting today. But more as a side project than a real profession. So do not believe to stop working tomorrow, and really earn US$ 1M, it’s not so easy baby !!

1. Sell stuff on eBay, Wanelo, Justbought.it, …

Yes, it’s not impossible. But of course you will need to sell a lot, and to sell a lot you need to many customers (or many recurrent customers?). And this is really really really difficult, trust me. Traffic is the most expensive thing online. If one click cost on Google US$1, to have 100 visits you need US$100, how many people do you think will buy? 1-2%? Something around this number.

To start make real money, you need free traffic. To get free traffic, you need a free-traffic-generator: either good natural ranking, social media audience, huge customer database for emailing strategy. That’s it. All the other tools, are paying tools. Sorry!

2. Blogging

Building a business by writing a blog is definitely a great idea.


Everyone would love to write all day long and get paid for this. Well this is not a new business, it’s just a different business model. Journalists are the main contemporary example of paid storytellers. And have you ever asked to one of them if they are happy? If they have a blog?

Moreover, the number of blogs worldwide is growing every day. They world 35M in 2006 and 173M in 2011 (source). And today? I could not find an updated research, but I guess at least 200M. Which does not mean you need to desist. There are market niches opening everyday. See Mashable, launched in 2005 as a personal blog about technology. In 2009 was already in the top 25 of the Time, and today one of the TOP 10 blogs, with over 34M unique visitors. But let’s be realistic, you will need to stop sleeping to write or find a very good niche. 4 years without sleeping and no insurance to make a success… well be ready for that because if you do not get there, the maximum will be a couple of bucks from Adsense or any affiliate program around there.

3. Affiliate programs

You can find online, many videos of people teaching you how to earn money online. Lots of them are working for themselves, and actually have a mix of products that help them to pay their bills. I really do not believe you will get rich, but may earn a couple of bugs from these techniques. Have a look to serious companies like Hotmart (mainly in Brazil) and Clickbank. They explain a market that is quite simple actually: there are digital product producers (and we are speaking about any kind of digital product), buyers and affiliates. You can earn by being a producer or an affiliate. And actually everyone in these platforms is networking a lot to be able to build a list and sell his-own products and the ones of the other producers. You will see around many opportunities, but trust me I know in Brazil just a couple of entrepreneur that are really making money with this.

4. Flip domain names

Technically this means buy URLs hoping that someone will buy them from you. I’m not so sure if today the URL is so important. SEO and advertising found different ways to get to a website. The social presence is also important and this cannot be registered (Facebook and Twitter have copyright policies, if the owner of a brand request the use of a username, he will get him for free). So, yes it could be, but you may get more chance to make money by working one of the previous ideas.

5. Do online surveys

A cheap way to get a couple of bugs to answers questions of every kind. It may be a nice deal to offer a beer to your friends, nothing more. I personally never tried this services, so I do not know if there is any chance to really make money and get to a Million. And actually I believe there are any :P

[to be continued...]


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